Wood shavings

Wood shavings
Wood shavings
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Мурашов Вячеслав Александрович, директор
на Флагма с 10 октября 2016

We’d like to offer for your Business Wood chips which produced at our production facilities in North-West of Russia.

Wood shavigns are obtained from waste of solid wood as a result of manufacturing of beams, boards, furniture and many other things.

Wood shavings can be used in different useful areas such as mulch in the garden to protect strawberries, as spread for cattle, geese and chickens, horse barn, drain filters.

We have good relation with some customers in Finland but now we are looking for new partners in the world.

For your attention the main Features of our Product listed below:

· Wood shavings fraction 10-15 mm

· Humidity – 7%

· Briquette weight – 27 kg (+/-1kg)

· Briquette size - 800 х 450 х 400 mm

· Briquette volume – 144 L

· Volume before compression - 500 L

· Wood kind – spruce, pine.

We can calculate CFR price to any sea port by your choice and convenient.
Many thanks for your attention for our Product.
For any details please contact us any time and we reply shortly.

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