Tour guide vacancy for German, French or Spanish speakers

£  10 /per hour
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Tour guide (German, French or Spanish speaker) in London required.
The following job requirements are essential for this position.
The work may be very much spare/flexi time or as much as 3-4 hours per day depending on your availability.
*A sense of culture and history is helpful
* What is vital is the ability to hold an audience and have a ‘presence’
* A very strong voice with clarity of speech is also important. You must be eligible to work in the UK
Do you speak any other languages? If yes please tell us about it.
Payment – rates are negotiable from 10 pounds per hour plus tips from customers.
We will pay on your account same day.
Usually tour from 3 till 4 hours
Location: London, UK

Tour Guide required to provide historic tours and walks of London. Our company Viplondontour provides guided walks around London. We conduct these tours for small groups of tourists. Personalised London tours. Tours by car as well.
We are not providing any training that’s you will need to do your own research.

Example of our tour
Harry Potter London film locations tour

Sites usually visited On The Harry Potter Walking Tour:
• Westminster Tube (Closest tube to the Ministry of Magic as seen in The Order of the Phoenix)
• Downing Street (Muggle Prime Minister’s Office and location of communication between the Muggle PM and the wizarding world)
• Horseguards Avenue (Ministry of Magic Staff Entrance as seen in Deathly Hallows Part 1)
• Scotland Yard Place/Horse Guards Avenue (Ministry of Magic Visitors entrance as seen in the Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows Part 1)
• Trafalgar Square (Location of the final Harry Potter film premiere)
• Cecil’s Court (aka Diagon Alley)
• Godwin’s Court (aka Knockturn Alley)
• The Palace Theatre (home to the ‘The Cursed Child’ – the 8th story in the Harry Potter franchise)
• St. Paul’s ( Geometrical Staircase as seen in the Prisoner of Azkaban)
• Millennium Bridge (Rebuilt after the attack by the Death Eaters! (then a walk past Shakespeare’s globe)

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