Charcoal from fuel briquettes
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Charcoal from fuel briquettes

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Charcoal from fuel briquettes
Is 100% safe. It is produced without the addition of chemical and other components.
High density of PINI-COAL. It allows to reduce the volume of area used for storage and transportation of charcoal by more than 2 times.
Resistance to mechanical impact. During transportation and loading/unloading works there is formed a minimum amount of dropouts. All this ensures uniform heating of food that provides the perfect taste... The food does not burn.
The high content of nonvolatile carbon (not less than 85%).
Low ash content. Minimal ash residue after combustion.
Low content of volatile substances. During combustion, there is no flame. It is also affects the duration of combustion.
Low consumption. In sum, the above mentioned facts guarantee low consumption more than 2 times compared to ordinary charcoal.
Restaurant grade superior charcoal Pini Kay briquettes, suitable for grilling, smoking, rotisseries and baking on open grills, pizza ovens and tandoor ovens
• Extra-long cooking durations – up to 5 hours for grilling and 10 hours for smoking
• Extra high cooking temperatures – up to 300 to 400c
• No additives or artificial binding agents means that there are no negative flavours transferred
• Minimal ash produced, ensuring minimal transfer onto food and to assist clear up
• Sold in 10KG boxes
• FSC accredited charcoal from well managed forests
• Please note that Pini Kay briquettes take longer to light and get ready for cooking on than ‘regular’ charcoal

Specifications of charcoal:
Carbon content 82-90%;
Cinder content 1.5-2%;
Moisture content of 3-6%;
Heat output 8200-8900;
Presence of volatile substances 6-8%;
Period of burning of a briquette 5-10 hours.

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,  Maladzyechna, BY
Flagma member since 27 August 2017
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