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Sunflower pellets in big bags over 100 tons
Wholesale price
from €41.88/t
Магнат-М, LLC, RU
Sale of sunflower husk pellets (agro pellets) from the manufacturer in big bags 900 kg. more than 100 tons. - During combustion does not emit...
Wood briquette RUF
Price on request
Ситников И.В., SP, RU
We offer the production of our manufacture it is fuel briquette RUF, which is made from clear ecological raw materials (sawdust from oak, birch,...
Briquettes Pini & Kay
Price on request
Belarusian biomass exports, PUE, BY +3 ads
Selling fuel briquettes Pini&Kay. Description: Shape: octahedron. Diameter: 68 mm. Packing: 12 psc. 10 kg. in shrink film. Humidity: 3.5% Ash:...
Wholesale price
from £ 370/t FCA
Углепром, LLC, RU
We produce and sell high-quality charcoal from hardwood, with electronically controlled carbon content and ash content <1% using advanced new...
Price on request
Кузбасская торговая компания, LLC, RU +1 ad
Kuzbass company-exporter of coal is looking for buyers, intermediaries are paid. We export coking, metallurgical, power coal, antracite of several...
Hardwood - Logs PINI&amp;KAY
150/t FCA
BioWest, LLC, BY
We are offering worldwide supply of the wooden briquettes of the “Pini & Kay” type . All our products undergo quality control according to a...
Premium RUF Briquettes
Wholesale price
Вододохов Н.П., SP, BY
We are pleased to offer premium quality briquette RUF. Briquettes are made from 100% pine dry chips 8-10% RH, Ash content is not more than...
Sell ​​wood briquettes RUF
Price on request
Зубенко А.В., SP, UA +4 ads
Sell ​​wood briquette RUF (Ruff). Briquettes from coniferous wood. Packed in shrink film 12pcs. in one pack. 1 pack = 10 kg. On a pallet 96 packs...
Pellets Class A1 ENplus
Price on request
Колбе Украина, LLC, UA
Class A1 pellets (pellets) from pine 100% Diameter 6 mm Humidity 8% Ash content - less than 0.7% Higher combustion heat 4977 kcal / kg Packing 15...
Briquettes RUF
Price on request
Belarusian biomass exports, PUE, BY +3 ads
Selling RUF briquettes. Description: Shape: brick. Size: 105x65x155 mm. Packing: 12 psc. ~10 kg. Humidity: 4-7% Ash: <1% Material: pine. Volume:...
Sell ​​wood briquette Pini Kay
Price on request
Зубенко А.В., SP, UA +4 ads
Good day. I want to bring to your attention the wood briquette Pini kay- 4-8 faceted. Briquette length-22cm Diameter - 6.5 cm Packaging: Pack of...
Wood pellets. Quality A1.
Price on request
Belarusian biomass exports, PUE, BY +3 ads
Selling of wood pellets. Quality A1. Description: Diameter: 6 mm. Color: brown Humidity: 3-4% Ash: 0.5% Calorific value: 17.70 MJ/kg Mechanical...
Briquettes Pini & Kay
Price on request
Belarusian biomass exports, PUE, BY +3 ads
Description: Shape: octahedron. Without hole. Diameter: 85 mm. Length - 310 mm. Packing: 6 psc. 10 kg. in shrink film. Humidity: not more 10% Ash:...
Charcoal briquette pini kay
£ 600/t FCA  
Wholesale price
£ 550-500/t
НВП Флагман Плюс, LLC, UA +1 ad
Coal briquette is made from standard fuel briquette Pini & Kay, which is obtained by pressing wood under high pressure, raw materials: 100%...
The factory of fuel pellets "Warm House". Pellets, Briquette
£ 0.05/kg EXW  
Wholesale price
£ 0.05/kg
Warm House Russia Group, LLC, RU +1 ad
Pellets / Briquettes - Operational communication 24/7 . Viber / Whats App is. Call, write at any time. Also on a regular mobile number, is listed...
Charcoal briquette FSC
Price on request
U-svit, S.R.O., SK +4 ads
Charcoal briquette, packaging: big bag, polypropylene bags 15 kg, paper bag 5 kg We produce briquettes only using selected ecological raw...
Top Quality Wood Briquettes
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +5 ads
Specifications We would like to present RUF type briquettes made from pure sawdust without any chemical or other additives. RUF briquettes are...
Sell, carbon, carbon dust
Price on request
KazTransExport, LLP, KZ
Sell, carbon, carbon dust
RUF Spruce Fuel Briquets, 500 ton/month
£ 72/t EXW  
Wholesale price
£ 67-72/t
Лукьяненко И.И., SP, BY +1 ad
Dear Sirs, We offer white fuel briquetts (spruce) from our warehouse in Minsk, Belarus. Pricing 80 Eur/t upwards. We are interested in long-term...
Fuel briquette pini kay
£ 150/t FCA  
Wholesale price
£ 135-130/t
НВП Флагман Плюс, LLC, UA +1 ad
Fuel briquette (type Pini-kay, four-sided, offcut), packing: shrink film of 12 pieces per pack (weight one package - 10 kg), folded on a pallet in...
Nestro Oak Wood Briquettes
Price on request
U-svit, S.R.O., SK +4 ads
We offer briquettes nestro from oak of excellent quality
Spruce Wood Pellets (White), 6 mm
£ 117/t EXW  
Wholesale price
£ 112-117/t
Лукьяненко И.И., SP, BY +1 ad
Dear Sirs, We offer white fuel pellets (spruce) from our warehouse in Minsk, Belarus. Pricing 130 Eur/t upwards, Big bag packaged. By demand of...
Briquette Sawdust Charcoal
£ 475/t FCA  
Wholesale price
£ 460-469/t
We are able to supply with high quality Briquette Sawdust Charcoal from Krasnoyarsk Russia. Our company trading worldwide under Green Bio trade...
Steam coal NCV 11000 BTU/lb from Russia and Kazakhstan
Wholesale price
£ 22-30/t FCA
Carbo C, Branch, KZ +2 ads
Steam coal HV, SS, LV, LCV, CC, PCI on FCA, FOB (Baltic/Blacksea), FCA/DAP/CIP Brest Size 0-25, 0-50, 0-300, 50-200 Class D TM: 10-12% A:...
Sunflower husk pellets
Wholesale price
$68-75/t FOB
Krone impulse, LLC, UA
"krone impulse" llc is one of the leading suppliers of solid biofuels (sunflower husk pellets etc.) in the sphere of heating on the territory of...
Coal coke 0-10, 10-25, 25-40, 40
Wholesale price
£ 110-220/t FCA
Carbo C, Branch, KZ +2 ads
Metallurgical coal coke is supplied to Europe by Carbo C. Size 0-10, 10-25, 10-40, 25-40, 40+ TM% 4-12 A% 8-14 VM% 1-1.5 TS% 0.3-0.5 C% 95
Washed coal | PCI coal
Wholesale price
from £ 87/t FOB
Carbo C, Branch, KZ +2 ads
Washed energy coal for PCI TM: <10% A: <10% VM: < 25% TS: < 0.7% NAR: 6600 kcal/kg
Charcoal briquettes
Price on request
U-svit, S.R.O., SK +4 ads
Charcoal briquettes - Humidity 2.8% - Ash content 2.7% - Volatile materials 3.1% - Fixed carbon 91.4% - Sulfur 0.10% - Calorie 7642 Burned 4-5 hours
Wholesale coal from 20 tons
Price on request
Оптторг ГК, JSC, RU +2 ads
Our company produces coal in Russia and specializes in supplying it to the UK. We sell and deliver to anywhere in the UK
£ 115/cu m CIP  
Wholesale price
£ 50-70/cu m
Оптторг ГК, JSC, RU +2 ads
Our company supplies and sells peat. You can order peat from us for growing plants, as well as peat-fuel varieties.
RUF brecket
110/t EXW  
Wholesale price
Зиныч А.В., SP, UA
RUF bricket Made in Ukraine Location west Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, near EU border.
$550/t FCA  
Wholesale price
Тара Трейд Ко, LLC, UA
We are whole sale suppliers of best quality oak wood charcoal briquette for BBQ.
Уголь от производителя: антрацит, кокс, углеродные материалы
Price on request
Альянс, LLC, RU
Уголь от производителя с доставкой в Лондон или по всей Великобритании. Мы предлагаем высококачественный уголь: антрацит, кокс, термоантрацит, УСМ...
Уголь древесный
Wholesale price
£ 340-450/t
Экоуголь, LLC, BY
Concluding contracts for 2020 Our company offers charcoal of own production. Delivery up to 300 tons per month. The price in terms of FCA is from...
Брикет RUF
105/t FCA  
Wholesale price
Продаем топливные брикеты RUF в мешках по 10кг, на поддоне 960 кг. Ищем постоянных покупателей....
Топливные гранулы
£ 120/t EXW
Алекс, AE, BY
Продам топлиные гранулы(пеллеты) (хвоя, сосна) собственное производство. Зольность0.5-1%;5200кк/кг;влажность5% 8мм фасовка биг-бег 8мм фасовка...
Топливную пеллету, биркет
100/t EXW  
Wholesale price
ТД, LLC, UA +3 ads
Продам топливные пеллеты хорошего качества на экспорт, сертификаты качества Класс А1. Производство Украина. Работаем по долгосрочным контрактам.
Holzkohle / Charcoal / Древесный уголь
Wholesale price
€295-320/t FCA
ВиваВуд, LLC, UA +1 ad
Уголь из твёрдых пород дерева, упакованный в полипропиленовый мешок по 14-18кг. Загрузка полуприцеп от 92м3 – 105м3, 1100 – 1300 мешков, 17-20...
Уголь древесный фракционный
£ 365/t
Онищук В.Н., SP, UA +3 ads
Горит долго, упаковка в коробки по фракциям
Купить кузбасский каменный уголь марки Д, А, Т, СС
Wholesale price
Шавга И.В., SP, RU
Оптовые поставки угля напрямую от разрезов Кемеровской области. Марок Д, Т, А, Г, насыпью от 1-го вагона, а так же в мешках фасовкой: 30-50 кг...
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