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Parquet, two-layer flooring board from the manufacturer
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ТМ ЦарьграД, ООО, UA
TM "TsargraD" is a manufacturer of natural wood flooring and has its own woodworking production near Kiev. We offer you a two-layer flooring...
Massive oak floor. 20mm
Цена по запросу
Экспоинвест, ООО, RU
Produce massive oak floor. Thinkness: 20mm Width 100/120/140/160/180 Length: 700-1700 1800-2500 And Herringbone 600mm. From hardest White oak raw.
Thermally modified wood
20 €/м.кв. EXW  
Оптовая цена
17 - 18 €/м.кв.
Термообробка, ООО, UA
I offer heat-treated wood. Thermoeasine, thermosens, thermosilver and other breeds of wood. Dimensions of thermomodified saw timber according to...
House kits and log cabins made of rounded logs.
Оптовая цена
110 - 220 €/м.куб.
ИСК Энерго Карелия, ООО, RU
House kits are made of northern pine. Northern pine has exceptional strength and durability. The diameter of the logs is 180-250 mm. The KIT...
Terrace board / planker
39 €/м.кв. FCA
ТД Кварта, ООО, UA
Product: Terrace board / planker Material: Ash Size: 800-3000x90/110/130x20 mm Processing: Thermo Impregnation: Flaxseed oil / or without...
Lumber sale
115 €/м.куб.  
Оптовая цена
115 - 240 €/м.куб.
Стокганг, ЧУП, BY
Sale of various lumber from Belarus, the price depends on the type and type of lumber, some sizes in stock, some on order. We make almost all...
Russian timber
300 £/м.куб.  
Оптовая цена
200 - 280 £/м.куб.
RV Timber Company Ltd, LTD, Лондон
Softwood planks (square-edged) 1-3 class Softwood beams Softwood planks (unedged), 1 –3 class Oak (unedged, square-edged) Floor board (AB) Lining...
В радиусе 530 км от Лондона
A low-hardness vibrodamping elastomer Nowelle® mod. 4. 10
83 €/шт EXW
Гебо, ООО, RU, 264 км
Nowelle®  mod.4.10.   is a low-hardness vibrodamping elastomer. It is a polymer composite material designed for insulating vibration in equipment...
Metal bed's frame
33 €/шт
Ортоленд, ООО, UA, 274 км
Metal bed's frame from the production company Ortoland We produces and sells metal frames for beds of standard size range, as well as frames of...
Multi Layer Belt Dryer and Roasting Oven
Цена по запросу
Normit Food, S.R.O., SK, 521 км
Thanks to the infra-red radiation and due to the closed construction, the heat treatment is carried out without the outside air, which...
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